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Thanks to Deb we have 39 photos of Amazing Red from PWS Frozen Fallout. Head over to the gallery now to check out the photos!

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On Friday, Amazing Red and Crimson competed against The Young Bucks for the HOG tag titles, defeating the superkicking duo. Thanks to Evan Arnow we’ve got photos from the event. Head over to the gallery now to check them out.

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On March 22nd, Amazing Red will be making his return to the New Jersey based wrestling promotion Pro Wrestling Syndicate to take on Mario Bokara in a singles match after Davey Richards had to pull out of the event due to TNA booking complications. Amazing Red last match at Pro Wrestling Syndicate was at Refuse to Lose 2012 when Amazing Red was a part of the faction Reality Check and faced Dan Maff.

Tickets for the event are on sale so grab yours now! Best be quick about it too, front row is already SOLD OUT!

Thanks to Jill A Pall we’ve got photos of Amazing Red from World Premiere Wrestling. Head on over to the gallery now to check out the photos.

Thanks to Evan Arnow we’ve got more photos of Amazing Red from World Premiere Wrestling.

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House of Glory’s major goal is simple! To create an interactive website that will live stream our Weekly And Monthly PPV with live superstar interaction! Members can login, watch the live or watch past house of glory content on Desktop-Tablet-Mobile-Netflix-Hulu-GoogleTV.

There are TONS of options of things you can get for helping out, including $60 Skype conversations with Amazing Red, Crimson, Lisa Marie Varon (Tara/Victoria), or Thea Trinidad (Rosita). Head on over now and help out!

House of Glory, We Built This! Project


Amazing Red will be heading up north to Canada on April 27th, just a day after his birthday, to take on Ring of Honor Superstar, “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin in a highly anticipated main event match. Tickets for the show are on sale now, and you can purchase them here. You can also check out the rest of the match card here.

With The Young Bucks pulling out of the show thanks to Matt breaking his hand, Amazing Red instead wrestled against former tag partner and former TNA superstar, AJ Styles. The two had an outstanding main event match that included a run in by former TNA Knockout, Thea Trinidad. Head over to the gallery to check out the photos!

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For the first time ever, Amazing Red will be teaming up with an old partner in AJ Styles to take on The Young Bucks for the brand new House of Glory Tag Team Titles at HOG’s “Revenge is Phenominal” on February 15th 2014.

Tickets for the event are on sale now so be sure to purchase yours here!

I updated the gallery with these photos days ago but forgot about the post, sorry! Thanks to Evan Arnow we’ve got photos of Amazing Red from House of Glory’s wrestling show, “Fight for Gold”. Head over to the gallery now to check out the photos.

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The Amazing Red came out and told the crowd there’s always a fine line that says “card subject to change.” He said that his brother Crimson messed up. He said he loves his brother but he got ACL surgery and worked hard to be here but couldn’t be cleared. Red said that he’s still here and will give everyone 100% and a good show. He said that Crimson will be back stronger and they’ll “do this thing” (the team) down the line. He thanked everyone for coming.

Two of Red’s students, Alex Mason and Good Art Flanders, came out and complained that they should be booked on the shows and they are tired of seeing all of these famous wrestlers walked in and out. They said Red doesn’t have a partner, so they attacked him.

Out came former ECW World champion Mikey Whipwreck, who got a nice pop. He cleaned house on them and tossed them out of the ring.

HOG Tag Team championship Tournament: Mikey Whipwreck & Amazing Red vs. Good Art Flanders & Alex Mason

Red and Mikey worked over Flanders early, tagging in and out. Whipwreck shoulderblocked him down and nailed several hiptosses. Red tagged in and told Flanders that he wanted to be a big man, then kicked him down. He drilled him with several kicks. Mikey came in and dropkicked Flanders in the face. Mikey drilled Flanders with a side slam for a two count. Red returned and continued the assault, including naiing a dive to the outside on Flanders. Flanders caught Red and drilled him into the ringpost. Mason tagged in and slammed Red over and over. They took turns working over Red. Mikey tried to help but the referee forced him out of the ring, which allowed for more double-teaming. Red avoided a charge in the corner and came off the ropes with a twisting DDT.

Red made the hot tag and Mikey nailed a series of clotheslines on Mason. Mikey backdropped him over and nailed Flanders, who was trying to attack him. Mikey nailed a Side Russian Legsweep but was attacked by Mason. They worked over Mikey but missed Red make a blind tag and he sailed into the ring with a missile dropkick on both. Red sailed over one and nailed the other with a stiff kick. Red nailed a frog splash off the middle rope and scored the pin.

Your winners, advancing. Mikey Whipwreck and Amazing Red!

HOG Tag Team Tournament Semi-Finals: Young Bucks vs. Amazing Red & Mikey Whipwreck

Red and Nick Jackson started off. Jackson went to hit a dive on Red but he moved and took out his own brother. Red hit an awesome corkscrew dive on both. Mikey went for a dive but then thought better of it. He grabbed Red and they went to the back and came out with a crash pad mat. They put it outside and pulled the Bucks onto it…and then Mikey hit a dive to the outside.

Mikey and Red worked over the Bucks outside the ring. The Bucks took control and slammed Red into a steel-paneled wall and then doubled up on Mikey in the ring. Mikey tried to battle his way out but Jackson thumbed him in the eye. Bucks swarmed over Mikey and beat him down.

Bucks kept working over Mikey and holding him to the mat, nailing him with rights when he tried to get to his feet. Red tried to enter but the referee wouldn’t allow it. The Bucks tagged behind the referee’s back and Jackson raked Mikey’s eyes against the ropes. Jackson missed a charge into the corner and Whipwreck nailed a legdrop off the ropes.

He made the tag to Red who dropkicked both Bucks off the ropes. Almost immediately they cut him off but he turned a rana into a head scissors, Red used a forward roll for a two count. Mikey and Red worked over the Bucks but they drilled Red and caught Mikey with a knee in the face.

They killed Mikey with a superkick but he battled back with one of his own, only to eat two at once. Mikey whipped the Bucks into each other and nailed a Whippernapper. Red came off the ropes with a frog splash but Nick Jackson kicked up. The crowd chanted, “This is awesome.”

Mikey and Matt battled over a backslide. Nick supericked Mikey and he went over and was pinned.

Your winners and advancing to the finals, The Young Bucks!

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